Why do we need roof cleaning.

Does your roof look dirty? Are black streaks, green moss or lichens taking over your roof? Do you miss the fresh and clean appearance your new roof had, but not the new roof price? A roof cleaning from IC Powerwashing is the perfect solution. Our low pressure roof cleaning is safe for all types of shingles and roofing materials.

The Soft-wash difference:

High pressure cleaning blasts away the grit on your shingles and can lead to water damage and expensive leaks. We have even seen some unlicensed contractors put a surface cleaning machine on roofs! There is no nonsense with IC Powerwashing’s roof cleaning; we apply special cleaning agents at low pressure, then wait for them to do their magic. Black streaks, mold, and debris are eliminated right away. The most stubborn moss and lichens will die and fall off with the next rain shower. It is that easy and completely safe for pets, people and the environment.

Forget the old dirty view. One call and IC cleans it all!

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