At IC Powerwashing, we understand that your home is one of, if not the biggest investment you will make. That is why it is so important to catch problem areas quickly. Dirt, mold, algae and moss can grow into your shingles, siding and concrete, ultimately damaging them beyond repair. You can trust IC Powerwashing to safely and correctly restore your home’s surfaces, and leave them looking better than you thought possible. We save you time and money by cleaning siding, roofs and concrete correctly, the first time. We also save you even more time and money down the road by keeping your homes exterior surfaces in great condition. Compare the cost of regular maintenance with replacement and you will see that IC Powerwashing is a great investment.

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Restore The Beauty Of Your Home – Safely

IC Powerwashing uses the safe and effective soft wash method to remove contaminants and restore your home’s exterior surfaces. People often wonder what makes IC’s soft washing stand apart from other types of power washing. Soft washing is different because it uses low pressure water along with safe cleaning solutions to remove stains and debris on your building’s surfaces. This safe and efficient process can be used on most surfaces to achieve a better cleaning result.

Better results mean all the clean, without the worries of surface blasting or pitting that higher pressure systems can leave behind. In addition, higher pressure can leave holes in siding or stucco, allowing water to infiltrate behind your siding and get stuck there, ultimately leading to expensive water damage. Do not take chances when hiring a cleaning contractor, call IC Powerwashing today!

We Get You Cleaner With Soft Washing

At IC Powerwashing, our soft washing system includes the gentle low pressure application of cleaning solutions, dwell time to allow the chemicals to work their magic, and the same low pressure rinse for a clean and shiny finish. Everything in our system is designed to work effectively at low pressure. By using the soft washing method, we are able to get your surfaces cleaner, faster, and with less headache than traditional high-pressure washing. Any questions? Our professional technicians will be happy to answer any questions you may have, so call IC Powerwashing today for your free quote!

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