Professional Window Cleaning

Lets be honest. No homeowner likes to clean their windows on a regular basis. In fact, most don’t! It is time consuming, difficult, and often dangerous to get a streak free shine. That is why window cleaning is a home care chore that is best left to a professional team that can take the hassle off your hands.

IC Powerwashing is the premier home service and window cleaning company in Toledo, offering unbeatable quality, delightful customer service, and competitive prices. If you’ve been staring at those grimy windows for weeks trying to find the will to scrub them, call IC. We will make them shine again!

Window washing is cleaning of the windows with water and a cleaning solution. It helps the windows maintain their longevity and luster by keeping dirt and mold off of them. This is a critical part of a homes upkeep. Window washing should be done regularly.

Forget the old dirty view. One call and IC cleans it all!

IC Powerwashing - Best Power Washing Service in Toledo, Ohio
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